Saturday, April 23, 2011


I was phaffing (faffing? faphing?) about the place on Thursday, scrambling to get uni materials together for a European Union Law lecture my mother had talked me in to attending ("That's what you're there for, now GO TO CLASS!'), when I received a phone call from Mike Murchie, a local photographer who is in charge of doing test shoots for some of the best up and coming models in the city, as scouted by Busy Models.

Busy Models scout, Summer, has a real eye for what it takes to be a top model. Back in March I shot one of her girls, Sarah, who is now placed with Viviens in Sydney and Brisbane, and who is amazing in front of the camera. Her features just light up! Here's my favourite snap from our shoot together so far, although I will dedicate a post to the shoot next time I have a spare day (a what?)!

Similarly, Busy Models girl Codie Young has been touted to be the next big thing this fashion week, and she is pictured beneath on the cover of Vogue:

So, as you can imagine, I jumped at the opportunity. The subject of our shoot tomorrow is newcomer Iris, who is a sweet 13-yrs-old with a look that I imagine will become very versatile as she gains experience. We are headed to Fort Lytton to shoot, which is an excellent outdoor location featuring lawns and storage buildings. Many photographers shoot there, however not all of them have had to contend with it being an open day. Least of all around Anzac day! Mike and I will have to rely on natural light and reflectors, as we're not permitted to put up lighting gear whilst the fort is open to the public. This will be an invaluable experience for a new model - learning to pose even when there's a gaggle of onlookers! No doubt it will be an invaluable experience to me, and I am looking forward to shooting with Mike, who I was hoping to shoot with as a model a good year ago - this is a busy man! Here's some snaps he sent across of Iris:

I am looking forward to a great day! I'll post some behind-the-scenes shots tomorrow.

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