Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthday suit shoot!

This Sunday, I will die a little more in the eyes of popular media by turning 22. Obviously, 15 is the new 17, and 17 is the new 21.. and I am the new 22.

In order to celebrate my graduation from the last landmark age for 9 years (I'm told 30 is the next big one), I am having a deliciously impromptu photo-shoot with my pro photographer and friend, Cam Attree. The idea sprang to life this very evening: Cam suggested it, I jumped on it and booked in one of my favourite MUA's (that means make-up artist), Vivianne Tran. Cam has connections to a great fashion boutique in the city, and thus, a shoot was born!

Enough talk, time for pretty photos:

Here's our concept, from a Vogue story on Australian model, Pania Rose:



Picture 10

Breast is best :) I love these shots.

I can't help myself but to make this point: nudity can be powerful, beautiful and tasteful, as it is in these photographs. The reputation of this art form is eroded, however, by the widespread abuse of nudity for the base manipulation of sexuality. I'll restrain myself from a fully blown feminist outpouring, but please - let's face it: playboy isn't art, it's just catering to the cock-urges of the lowest common denominator. Oh, and arguing that Zoo and Playboy are empowering to women makes less sense than this picture:



Cameron is an experienced and award winning art nude photographer, and I guess it really is a shame that there is any hesitation to celebrate the image and form that can be captured by fashion and art nude images. Unfortunately, porn, glamour and misplaced conversativism are killing it for the artists.
Also, I know that people are very shy about their bodies. There's a lot of pressure on women AND men to fit the mould of the ideal, sexually alluring form - and it's pretty darned easy to fall short of that perfection. I feel it, I know you feel it, but really, that guy in the 'Wear Sunscreen' song is correct: Don't be afraid of what other people will think of it, your body is the greatest instrument you'll ever own.

Hmm. This got whingey, fast. More pretty photos!

Makeup 3 Make-up & Hair concept.

Hair (2)


Big, tousled hair and smokey, sexy eyes... what an excellent look to usher in another year of existence!

So, off I go to enjoy my last days of being 21. For anyone who's feeling a bit jilted by modern society's view of age, I like to remember an apt line by Charlotte Gainsbourg:

"I read a magazine/that said by 17 your life is at an end/ I'm dead and I'm perfectly content."

Nailed it.

A bientot ;)

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